Nileeva Naturals Cotton Pantiliner

22 liners

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About the Product:

  • 100% SOFT COTTON ENHANCED TOP COVER These all natural, cotton enhanced sanitary pantiliners for women will give you peace of mind. The top cover is made with  organic cotton grown and nurtured without the use of toxins, pesticides or synthetic chemicals.
  • TOXIN FREE Many gynecologists recommend reduced exposure to synthetic materials. Nileeva Naturals’ ultra thin period pantiiners are also perfume, chorine and dye free.
  • SUPERIOR ABSORBENCY The thoughtfully-designed leak locker top core of the menstrual pad helps you feel fresh and secure all day and night long. The breathable leak protection back cover discourages unpleasant overflow as well.
  • MAXIMUM AIRFLOW It's so soft and breathable you'll probably forget it's even there! These ultra thin pantiliners are made with hypoallergenic breathable sheets that alleviate unpleasant irritation, all while providing the highest levels of period flow protection. And preventing unpleasant odors from seeping through. 
  • INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED These sleek pantiliners are individually wrapped so you can discretely carry them in your purse, or even your pocket! Great for travel.