Pharmacist Prescribing

Our pharmacists can prescribe prescription medication for birth control, emergency contraception, and many minor ailments (including birth control, cold sores, mild acne, recurrent urinary tract infections, allergies, menstrual cramps, athletes foot, jock itch and more). Walk-ins welcome. Ask us for details.

Annual Flu Shots

We offer annual flu shots mid-October until early spring each year. You must have a valid Saskatchewan Health card and be 5 years old or older for our FREE flu shots. For more information, click on the Flu Shots tab.

Prescription Delivery & Mail Out

We offer FREE prescription delivery within Saskatoon and FREE Canada-wide prescription mail-out.

Other Medication Injections

Medication injections (IM and SC) are administered by our pharmacists for a fee of $15. You must have a valid prescription for the medication. The most common injections we administer are Depo-Provera, Gardasil, Twinrix, and Shingrix. No appointment necessary.

Compression Stockings & Fittings

We offer FREE fittings for compression stockings. The USSU Student Drug Plan reimburses 100% for 2 pairs of stockings per academic year with a prescription. Many private insurance companies reimburse for 4 pairs per year. Ask us for details.

Compliance/blister packing

If you take multiple medications or have difficulty remembering to take your medications, considering asking us about blister packaging. We offer FREE weekly or monthly blister packaging for your medication.

Huskie Athletes

We encourage athletes to ask our pharmacists before taking over-the-counter medication, so we can ensure the medication is permitted in your sport. Our pharmacists also provide skin checks with documentation and write prescriptions for tinea (athletes foot, ringworm, jock itch) and impetigo.

Insurance Coverage

We will help you save money on your medication! We will answer your questions and help you access medication coverage through the USSU Student Drug Plan, USFA, APSA, CUPE, Sask Health Special Support Program & all other major insurance plans.

Easy Prescription Transfers

We can transfer prescriptions to our pharmacy from ANYWHERE across Canada. Tell us the name of the pharmacy where you last had your prescription filled and our staff will do the rest!